Why, hello there, and a warmest of welcomes to my website/blog!  I am exceedingly happy that you have decided to explore my little corner of the interwebs (that's a thing, right?), and hope that you enjoy the content on each of its pages.  While this page will be maintained as a blog of my often whimsical and humorous life adventures as an introverted poet and university student, the remainder of the site's pages contain a rotating selection of my short stories, poetry, devotional works, and some experimental photography.  Be sure to check back often for the addition of new works and feel free to contact me through the online form listed under the tab "Contact," with any questions, comments, concerns, or absurd notions.  (I especially enjoy the latter of the four.) 

Until we virtually meet again, may you read often and your pages never become creased.

Factum Est,

Z.S. Walker