Elegance of Verse: Poetry

"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:" from Endymion by John Keats

Devoted to portraying both the beauties and sufferings of Creation, Zuri Sophilia often composes pieces of verse (which rarely emerge from her journal.)  Listed below are rotating selections of original works, which the author has chosen to release from secrecy. 

Love’s Absence


Born of joy, these tears are laced with mourning's breath—
His departure is the soul's silent death
And every smile, into a grimace is bent,
As hours become slaves to weeks' intent.
Eternity has wrought the wound, from which love's blood outpours.
Existence rends the heart, with distance as its course.
To live, is only in the comfort of his eyes:
Without their truth, is to suffer fate's demise.

Industrial Dreams

There is a roaring in the city—

Tiger pouncing, Leopard eating:

It is a foul and grisly beauty;

I still hear the lamb’s soft bleating 


Skyscrapers mock the crimson sky—

Daylight fade, Midnight conquer:

It is the warm blood of a gadfly;

I feel its hurt like a dishonor.  


*The Soul’s Resolution

Nothing but tears, fraught with pain,
Can express this hopeless insanity.
Words, in their finest form, are vanity—
They merely abuse the sorely slain.

Still, sweet relief cannot be bought.
Every tear has gracefully fallen dead
From the scourged eye, that has bled
The firm resolution of the soul.

*Silver Key, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, 2016